Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Beauty & Health .: Cycling is healthy and for your Freshing..

Beauty & Health .: Cycling is healthy and for your Freshing..

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Green Cauliflower - a great medicine to prevent BREAST Cancer

There are many newspaper as well as e-papers have written about the uses of cauliflower. In this blog, I mention about the uses of combating breast cancer of GREEN cauliflower.
In green cauliflower, there is a natural component called sulforaphane. These component help to kill the cancer cell and prevent the body from shaping new growths. There are many many research and experiments testing for this consideration (refer to the research of Duxin Sun which show that component name sulforaphane has the use of stopping the original cancer cell)
From the point of the research by Dr. Duxin, by eliminating all the original cancer cells, we can have the solution or another direction for breast cancer treatment for women; because it is believed that chemical therapeutic does not have the full affect with the orginal cancer cells because after using this treatment, they still  be able to develop again. 
By applying this research on mouses, it seems that the original cancer cell decrease very much, and they doesn't grow again after the treatment.
Of course, when we eat directly cauliflowers, the component in green cauliflower cannot have a high impact like in the experiment about; but it doesn't mean that it does not have any impact. Therefore, during waiting the experiment of researchers in extracting sulforaphance in cauliflower and bring it into medicine; we can eat more green cauliflower to protect our body from breast cancer.
Beside the use of preventing body from breast cancer, green cauliflower also have another uses: slow down aging, preventing having gastric cancer, etc ... 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

5 Mistakes That You Absolutely Must Avoid Making Around Women! Read This Before It's Too Late!

The reasons behind why women feel attraction don't make much logical sense to most men. Men will feel attraction for a woman if she is good looking. The same is not the case for women. Their attraction towards us is something much more complicated. It happens on a much more emotional level. Women feel attracted towards men based on the feelings they get around certain men and not because of looks or money. I will explain to you some of the common mistakes that you should avoid making around women that will kill her attraction for you.
Giving her too much attention
Putting a particular girl on the top of your priority list is going to make her lose her interest in you. You want her to think that you have a lot of things going on in your life that keep you occupied. Have other activities that interest you. Play sports, get a hobby, and if she texts or calls while you are watching a movie, let her know that you are busy.
Acting needy and insecure
Neediness and insecurity are probably the two most unattractive qualities to women. They are signs of weak character and she is going to pick up on it sooner or later. Be confident in yourself and don't get too emotionally attached to a girl so much so that she becomes the most important thing in your life.
Being judgmental
Women never like guys who tend to analyze and judge. Be easy going and just worry about having a good time. When you are carefree and confident, other people will tend to want to be in your company and have a good time.
Revealing your feelings too early
Even though women will really badly want to know how you feel about them, they lose interest in you once they know that you like them. Humans have a tendency to lose interest in things once they have them, and the same goes for attraction.
Getting sucked into the trap
There is nothing wrong with having a long term relationship with a girl that you really like. The only thing is that you shouldn't let is detract from other aspects of your life. You should be able to strike a balance between your relationship and other aspects of your life, such as health and finance.
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