Monday, 1 March 2010

SAVE GAS !use H2O...

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"If You Would Like To DOUBLE Your Mileage And Discover How People Are Saving Thousands Of Dollars, Then This Could Be The Most Important Thing You Have Ever Read..."

WATER + GAS? It's no longer science fiction...

At Last! Discover how you can profit from the latest breakthroughs in technology by putting one of these cutting edge Generators in your vehicle and SAVE Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars a Year in gas! Keep reading to learn how to avoid the next outrageous hike In Gas Prices...

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Have You Noticed Gas Prices Going Up Again? Find out how you can drive with confidence, knowing that you have the newest Hybrid technology available today while cleaning your engine inside, and cutting emissions outside PLUS you'll be getting the benefit of SAVING MONEY on gas at the same time!

And all you need to do is JUST ADD WATER!

* Easy to install, complete system fits almost any car!
* Uses water and your battery to save Huge Dollars every month!
* Some users have DOUBLED their mileage (and better!) even though they drive big Vehicles!
* Little Known Fact: Water Safely Stores an Enormous Amount of Energy Just Waiting To Be Freed Like A Tiger in your Tank. YOU will hold the KEY By the Time You're Done reading This!
* Works with BOTH Fuel Injection and Carburetors, Cleaning Out The gunk and sludge while it steam cleans your engine and reduces emissions- ideal for reducing Global Warming!
* New Cars, Old Cars, Hot Cars, Cold Cars - It works with all!
* Tens of Thousands of People around the world are Using this technology Right Now as you read this, and are smiling all the way to the bank!
* The IRS offers alternative energy deductions for Hydrogen in your Car! Find out how...


How Does This Thing Work?

It operates on a 100 year old proven technology called electrolysis.
Whenever you place two pieces of metal in water, and apply electricity, the water separates into it's basic molecules, Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O).
If you look at the picture on the left, you will see H2O molecules connected together in their liquid form which is WATER

But when you apply electricity (from your car battery), the molecules separate and form a GAS (called HHO) which is a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
This HHO GAS is then sucked into your engine and mixed along with the air from the air filter. As the gasoline is ignited in your engine, the HHO GAS is too, making it MORE powerful than gasoline alone.
This is MUCH BETTER than Just Plain Hydrogen because you are also making extra Oxygen which causes the gasoline to burn FASTER and CLEANER resulting in BETTER mileage and a much CLEANER EXHAUST!