Tuesday, 8 June 2010


These are among the most popular question these days since we had the economic downturn. Many shops are closed because no longer afford to pay rent, and employees .. Many workers are laid off .. And many more problems that hit.

So therefore the question of How Make Money On The Internet is increasingly popular in view of making money on the internet does not need more capital or can start from ZERO ZERO knowledge and capital.

Not surprised when I say ZERO capital?

Yes, a young Internet entrepreneur, Ammar Zahar recently launched a product Zero To Hero iaitustrategi how he make money on the internet starting from ZERO ZERO knowledge and capital ..

Monday, 1 March 2010

SAVE GAS !use H2O...

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"If You Would Like To DOUBLE Your Mileage And Discover How People Are Saving Thousands Of Dollars, Then This Could Be The Most Important Thing You Have Ever Read..."

WATER + GAS? It's no longer science fiction...

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Have You Noticed Gas Prices Going Up Again? Find out how you can drive with confidence, knowing that you have the newest Hybrid technology available today while cleaning your engine inside, and cutting emissions outside PLUS you'll be getting the benefit of SAVING MONEY on gas at the same time!

And all you need to do is JUST ADD WATER!

* Easy to install, complete system fits almost any car!
* Uses water and your battery to save Huge Dollars every month!
* Some users have DOUBLED their mileage (and better!) even though they drive big Vehicles!
* Little Known Fact: Water Safely Stores an Enormous Amount of Energy Just Waiting To Be Freed Like A Tiger in your Tank. YOU will hold the KEY By the Time You're Done reading This!
* Works with BOTH Fuel Injection and Carburetors, Cleaning Out The gunk and sludge while it steam cleans your engine and reduces emissions- ideal for reducing Global Warming!
* New Cars, Old Cars, Hot Cars, Cold Cars - It works with all!
* Tens of Thousands of People around the world are Using this technology Right Now as you read this, and are smiling all the way to the bank!
* The IRS offers alternative energy deductions for Hydrogen in your Car! Find out how...


How Does This Thing Work?

It operates on a 100 year old proven technology called electrolysis.
Whenever you place two pieces of metal in water, and apply electricity, the water separates into it's basic molecules, Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O).
If you look at the picture on the left, you will see H2O molecules connected together in their liquid form which is WATER

But when you apply electricity (from your car battery), the molecules separate and form a GAS (called HHO) which is a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
This HHO GAS is then sucked into your engine and mixed along with the air from the air filter. As the gasoline is ignited in your engine, the HHO GAS is too, making it MORE powerful than gasoline alone.
This is MUCH BETTER than Just Plain Hydrogen because you are also making extra Oxygen which causes the gasoline to burn FASTER and CLEANER resulting in BETTER mileage and a much CLEANER EXHAUST!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Can You Love Animals and Love People?

We're accused of caring for animals at the expense of caring for people, because our passion for animal issues allegedly detracts from all of the humans in need. But choosing to spend a Hallmark Holiday with your loyal nonhuman companion instead of your spouse isn't the same as turning your back on your own species.

Here are seven reasons why animal welfare is human welfare:

1) Animal abuse is never just animal abuse. It's an early indicator of child abuse, domestic violence, and other sociopathic behaviors. Not only is animal abuse a warning sign, but it's often directly used to threaten or intimidate a person, such as pets who are harmed as a form of psychological abuse in domestic violence situations.

2) Factory farming is a major contributor to climate change. Animal agriculture is responsible for as much as 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans. A significant reduction in animal consumption and better conditions for the remaining farm animals will have a huge impact in stabilizing the climate, which (in case you missed it) affects the future of human civilization as we know it.

3) Animal testing is outdated. The sooner the scientific community stops re-creating ineffective, inhumane animal tests and starts investing in non-animal research methods, the sooner we'll have human-relevant results.

4) Pet owners are major players in the economy. A $45 billion industry is a big slice of the economy, and it's one that keeps growing. That means job security and community development. Pet consumers also have the purchase power to have a positive influence on the market, such as helping drive a green economy.

5) Protecting wildlife is protecting the planet. There's a certain balance to the world we inhabit, where predators and prey keep each other's population in balance, and natural areas (a.k.a. habitats) keep global warming and other natural disasters at bay. As we drive species to extinction, we lose a piece of what makes the world inhabitable for humans.

6) Animals are an important part of your community. Love 'em or hate 'em, your community is full of animals. Irresponsible pet owners are a drain on municipal budgets through animal control and a threat to public health with disease and dog bite risks. Ineffective laws, such as breed specific legislation, are costly to the community, in terms of both public health risks and finances. It's also expensive to care for animals in shelters. So, the advocates that push for responsible pet ownership and animal adoption are making your community a better place to live.

7) Animals make people happy. Companion animals have been proven to reduce stress and relieve depression. The role that pets play in happiness is more than just a matter of mood; it's about quality of life. Domestic violence victims will delay seeking help for fear of putting their pets in danger. When natural disaster strikes, restoring animals is a major step toward restoring lives, whether you're in New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina survivors needed the emotional support of their pets after losing their homes, or you're in Haiti, where earthquake victims rely on livestock for food and income.

What kind of people compare gay marriage to slavery?

supporters going to say next, that denying gay marriage is comparable to genocide?

Do gay marriage rights supporters think that they are going to make people support gay marriage and gay adoption by having a victim mentality, having sob stories and being self-entitled bullies who force their beliefs onto others? It seems like no low is too low for them. I can’t believe people are comparing gay marriage to slavery, it’s just shocking and sickening.

I’m very offended when gays compare their lives to blacks or other people with obvious reasons for discrimination.

Unfortunately, gay marriage rights supporters have many people on their side who believe their sob stories. You are also correct in understanding that they will stop at nothing….going down to the lowest depths of depravity….until everyone in the world acknowledges and agrees to their right to impose their will on others.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What is A People Search ?

Free People Search is fantastic way to find people and reconnect with old friends, family, relatives - just about anybody! Free People Search reports include address history, phone numbers, ages, household members, birthdates, home value, earnings and more...

Wanna know how we can find people for giveaway to equivocate employing a in isolation investigator? Find out how to do your own investigating. Here have been a little techniques to get we started. People have been creatures of tendency. Even as shortly as they have been peaceful to give up their names, as well as pierce distant away, they frequency have been peaceful to change who they are. A bowler will still similar to to bowl. If we ostensible which city he can have altered to, we competence call bowling alleys nearby to acquire report upon uninformed joining members. If we altered as well as altered my final name, we presumably will find me where people encounter to have fun chess. Think of all their lifestyle, as well as how these competence envision their function as well as location. For a many partial of a period, though, people we try to find aren't unequivocally perplexing to keep quiet. At least, they aren't perplexing really rigorously. Maybe they have left locale as well as keep their phone series unlisted, though they substantially haven't altered their name. How do we find them quickly? Here have been a couple of techniques.

Find People For Free With Skip Tracing Techniques
''Skip tracing'' is tracking down people who have ''skipped'' out of town, or differently disappeared. This was a partial of my goal to promote we enjoyed once we was a request gourmet years in a past. It is most simpler in a benefaction day with a use of a internet, though a beliefs keep upon a same. The vicious things we begin with have been things similar to promulgation mail to multiform addresses we cover as well as job a little phone numbers we give climb to for a person. While we launch a communication, we give a medium some-more for ''address correction.'' The hire work wish lapse a obligation to we with multiform forwarding residence they concede upon quarrel for a theme matter. As shortly as we call their phone number(s), if we acquire an answer, we of march enterprise to ask for a bend of learning. If they have stimulated, we enterprise to acquire a little report we can from a chairman upon a line. Use vicious phone pretexts for this.

Find People With Phone Pretexts
These have been profitable stories. They can be as purify as ''Hi, this is Dave. I'm an aged join forces with of John's. Do we know where we can find him?'' stay prepared, of march for a subject or two, like. ''Where do we know John from?'' More difficult pretexts competence embody a enticement like, ''I own a amends check for $10 upon a automobile stereo during this time to promote John not during all claimed. Do we reason his address, so we can rught away bail out it receiving partial in a mail these days?'' If they contend no differently contend they do not know wherever he is, yield them your series as well as ask if they can suggest it to John if they inverse to him. Get a couple of report we can whilst we reason a chairman upon a phone. They presumably will contend no to yield we an residence or else phone number, though following speak about a city which a featured item has wild to. Ask them who additionally competence assistance you, as well as call people people. Using a phone is a easiest as well as fastest ways to find people for free.